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Lühike lugu: turg libiseb ja see on ajalooliselt tähendanud, et autotööstuse kasum on pigem kokku surutud. Ford omistas selle hinnakujunduse kahele tegurile: tugevalt müüdavad Super Duty pickupid, mis olid eelmise aasta sügisel uued, ja

This looks like the production ready vehicle hidden under some wraps we'll get to that in a minute.

BREAKING NEWS: Ram Rebel TRX Spied! Can It Dethrone The Ford F Raptor? – Drive'i ülevaated

Now these images bring to mind an important question: how does this vehicle compare against the current leader in this class? The Ford f Raptor. Now I know what you guys are saying: hästi, no they're totally different vehicles, and indeed they are. But the thing is is that the TRX has to measure up to what the Raptor currently can do and we're gon na discuss that here and we're, showing you a whole bunch of really cool images in this video we're going to see what's changed from the earlier Prototypes we're gon na look at it once again against the f Raptor we're gon na see what the RAM rebel needs Raptor Trading System do to match.

The f Raptor on looks performance and off road capability and we're gon na include price as well.

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Now back then, it was the fourth generation Ram platform, which was known as the D s generation that one had a horsepower engine with a 6. It had 37 inch tires on 18 inch, Mopar beadlock wheels and it had a 2. King Racing shock, lift with performance springs and, muidugi, better suspension travel. Now this isn't the same truck.

This is a completely different vehicle Ram, clearly had the f Raptor in its sight, and obviously it still does.

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This is a vehicle that they want to beat in every way. So how is it going to do it?

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Noh, as many of you know, it's the worst kept secret on Raptor Trading System planet, they're going to put a hellcat powertrain in this vehicle. How much of a powertrain we don't know for sure, because it could be the horsepower Hemi Hellcat engine that is currently available.

But now they're, making them horsepower and higher and higher and higher. This could be an incredibly powerful engine now let's first start off with the Ford fbecause as a raptor, it puts out hobujõudu ja pound feet of torque. Nüüd, if you don't think that's enough trust us, we have video footage of this thing, drag racing on our track and being faster than a majority of the cars we drive. This thing is ridiculously powerful. Look at that horsepower. Raptor Trading System still behind me.

So the idea of having even more power in an off road, Raptor Trading System truck well that's, pretty cool now currently they're using the 3. You can't find that in too many Raptor Trading System Ford products there are a couple, but for the most part the raptor is really the main guy that gets this, and i also includes a 10 speed automatic transmission and a lot more and we'll get to that minute.

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The 6. That sounds like it's fairly robust that's, really good news. You know what Raptor Trading System is good news: the potential for putting out around or more pound feet of torque.

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Crypto kasutab kiiresti raha is impressive. Nüüd, keep in mind that we don't know for sure exactly what this engine is, but we do know that around the back.

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You could see dual exhausts that are massive now. We'Ve also had people see these vehicles testing in the desert and they've heard these vehicles and they sound throaty mean and a lot like a regular Hellcat does they have six lug wheels and Raptor Trading System wrapped in Goodyear Wrangler territory MTS?

Ilmselgelt, we don't know if that's what the production models will have very interesting to see what they do with the production version. Ilmselgelt, as a solid rear, axle, independent front suspension, spy photographers told us, they could clearly hear this v8 by the way and the supercharged whine and once again, there's footage out there, where you can clearly hear it as well.

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Here'S an interesting thing: the Ford f, Raptor has thirteen point, seven inch front brakes and thirteen point two inch rear brakes as their discs and it's a pretty good chance that the RAM rebel t rex would need even more stopping power, considering how much power it's Putting out and that's a pretty good bet that this will be a slightly heavier truck.

Remember, Ford's body panels are all aluminum they're going for a lightweight vehicle and they have a small displacement by comparison: v6 versus a large v8 and a lot of steel components.

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So I have a feeling that it'll be a little bit heavier and a lot more powerful, hence having larger brakes, make sense off road capability. Now the Ford f Raptor currently uses the Fox 3. This is really cool because you can actually set some of these components from inside the truck to make the ride. What you want it to be, and it is specifically built for the Ford Raptor.

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It works really well. We will see remote reservoir shocks in from the current Ram rebel. In this most likely, it would make sense to see a beefed up version of those shocks in this TRX and of the springs they're currently using in the rebel in the TRX, and this TRX does have a higher ride height than the standard rebel.

Now it also looks like the fenders are blistered.

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If you look at them carefully like the Ford Raptor, Raptor Trading System can clearly see that those fenders tend to bow out a little bit now. It'S, not just for looks the Raptor actually does it for functionality. Because there's massive amounts of articulation with really big tires wheels so, as that goes in, they need to have clearance in the fender.

And yes, it looks really cool. So keep that in mind the Ford f, Raptor Trading System specs. Now it has a hundred and forty six inch wheelbase now we're talking about the super Krewe model, it's the one that's most popular it's, the one I tend to see on the streets more often than the other version.

It has nine point: nine Raptor Trading System of ground clearance and as an approach angle of thirty point, two degrees which is outstanding, breakover angle of twenty one point: eight degrees, departure angle is 23 degrees. Look at Raptor Trading System pictures and you tell me: does it look like it's a little bit higher than the Ford Raptor?

Does it look like it has a little bit more clearance up front and behind than the Ford Raptor it's really hard to say they look really similar, but I would imagine that the way these types of things work at least on paper you're gon na see ram — Do everything they can to up the ante just by a little bit, even if it's, a by a half a degree as long as they can do that they can win the battle on paper?


Raptor Trading System continue. The Ford f, Raptor saw fro technology, has a terrain management system and trail control and it's. Basically Raptor Trading System cruise control for rugged and off road terrain. You can set it and change it as you're moving around and let the truck do.

A lot of the work question is: will the RAM rebel TRX have that mm that's, a really good question and the majority of the vehicles that they're building Ram? That is, they really do stick to a fairly simple off road system.

This looks like the production ready vehicle hidden under some wraps we'll get to that in a minute.

By comparison, so will they up the ante? Well here's, the good news for those of you who them too they're Raptor Trading System related to a company called Jeep and Jeep.

Has that type of technology? Is it possible that they could take Jeep technology and put it into this truck in order to make it competitive with the Ford Raptor in terms of apples to apples it's entirely possible, so the Ford f pricing?

Currently, it starts at 53 thousand two hundred and five dollars and you'll never find one for that. Cheap, good luck, finding a brand new one for that price. The super Krewe model is fifty six thousand one hundred ninety dollars base price most that are on sale at dealerships range from sixty to seventy thousand dollars, and that is a lot more realistic.

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So the question is: will the RAM Rebel TRX be in that zone because we are talking about a vehicle that's, basically going to have a hellcat powertrain and, as you know, Hellcats are a lot more expensive than the regular versions of the vehicles that they are part Of so think about it that way now the challenger hellcat speaking of Hellcats starts at sixty thousand nine hundred and forty five dollars and the jeep Raptor Trading System cherokee track hawk starts at eighty seven thousand.

Ninety five dollars so well. The TRX cost that much well. It needs to be competitive, so it may fall somewhere in the sixty thousand dollar range.

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Now that's a guesstimate we're, not a hundred percent sure held we're, not even fifty percent sure, but it makes sense so they have to be directly competitive with the Ford Raptor, where it sits right now Raptor Trading System remember: Ford isn't done with the Raptor by a longshot it's Entirely possible that they may modify their Raptor in the near future to be competitive with whatever the TRX turns out to be.

Kuid, at least for now the TRX is proving to be elusive, cool and something we are all looking forward to.


I am terribly excited about it because it takes Raptor Trading System whole segment up a notch. It forces Ford and Chevrolet Toyota and Nissan all of them to up their game, and that is something worth looking forward to. Thank you so much for joining me for the fast lane truck this is Nathan. Klõpsake selle postituse hindamiseks!