The new partnership will include, in its work, knowledge from the social partners and relevant research plus the results of the work carried out in other fora, including: tripartite negotiations about adult and continuing education starting in the spring of ; Digital Growth Panel; Entrepreneur Panel. Unions and employers had also been asking for such an overall plan to supplement the existing Industry 4. But apart from a certain time lag a severe handicap appeared: a common language was missing. The aims of the new platform were stated as follows: The strategy shall support digital growth companies and secure the transformation of Danish trade and industry through future-proof education, good terms for investments and digital confidence, together with a focused industrial promotion. Osalemiseks tuleb ametil valida kvaliteedistandardid, k. It is a must to tackle uncomfortable issues to avoid further loss of reputation if certain issues are not clarified e.

Enforcement Database An up to date database to help enforcement agencies to better identify counterfeit goods.

Denmark: Latest Working life developments — Q4 Published on: 26 Jaanuar Author: English en A new coalition government, progress on digitalisation including the establishment of DEMARK TRADING SYSTEM Disruption Council and new labour inspection rules following the Siemens Windpower scandal are the main topics of interest in this article. This country update reports on the latest developments in working life in Denmark in the fourth quarter of New digital strategy in the pipeline On 27 NovemberLiberal Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen formed a new government by offering two support parties, the Liberal Alliance and the Conservatives, seats in the government that, to date, had been taken up by the Liberals alone.

The tool holds data on registered IP rights, contact information, supplementary product information and logistics. This information can be used by enforcement authorities in order to detect counterfeit products.

This exchange of information is the core functionality but DEMARK TRADING SYSTEM is worth mentioning the next additional features: The tool guides the right holders in the process of filing an application for action and overcome some of the translation issues that they currently have.

The tool is connected with several intellectual property databases TMView, geographical indications, DesignView… where updated information about the validity of the different rights can be found.

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The tool provides the user with an alert module. The tool has a repository of enforcement authorities that can be used by the different users.

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HEDIN ext. The system also converts the data into a more harmonized format so that it can be compared and aggregated. Finally, the system will offer the users a set of possibilities of data exploitation e. The first step is the creation of a shared common database of pre-approved goods and services.

Denmark: Latest Working life developments – Q4 2016

Related to this is the creation of a taxonomy. It brings a hierarchical structure to that database and is based on the Nice classification.

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It will be incorporated in our classification tools e. Euroclassto help our users to find the scope of protection they need in an easy way.

Ibowski, Rainer An intelligent dialogue needs a basis, i. One tact is immediately evident, the basis o dialogue varied during the last decades. The sixties were characterized by a technical and objective formulation of questions: people wanted to understand nuclear power and its peaceful utilization.

Furthermore this project will also harmonize the approaches of the DEMARK TRADING SYSTEM offices on the general indications of the Nice class headings, with a uniform interpretation on which general indications are acceptable for classification or not. Up until the start of the project 9 offices interpreted that the Nice Class Headings cover for a whole class, whereas 17 offices interpreted the Nice Class Headings as "means-what-it-says".

The new common practice in development is based on the taxonomy that has been developed in the first Convergence Project.


The taxonomy structure is used to define the class scopes: A set Kaubandussusteemi raamatud terms that are DEMARK TRADING SYSTEM for classification that cover the harmonized database terms of a particular class at a given moment in time.

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