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Putut Sriwasito Full Text Available Individual or cooperation as the producer who produces more than one product always has a problem to determine the amount of each product, as well as the smallest packaging used to generate the maximum revenue but still meet the inventory of existing facilities.

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If the inventory of facilities and functions form a Trading Option PeniPuan function of income then the problem is called the program a maximu m linear case, where all supplies are limited means of the Trading Option PeniPuan linear program is called maximal.

Although the system has available a linear program to solve the problem, the system is only owned by a limited circle, this system also does not provide the smallest packaging option.

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In general linear programming problem is solved by the simplex method with any number of real output in decimal or fractional format mix. Settlement is not operational because the manufacturers do not always able to make the smallest product packaging in accordance with the unit Trading Option PeniPuan completion, to become operational, the results of this settlement may be rounded according to the smallest package selected. The problem of limited manufactures which have a system of linear program application can be overcome by providing a system similar to a web-based applications.

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This study compiled a web-based application system to solve a standard linear program that generates the maximum revenue that maximum use PHP software, data entered through the form and then taken by the POST method, then set up a matrix, carried out by iterating between the rows in the matrix operations that met the criteria optimal. By ch oosing the smallest packaging which is used 0. Keywords: Simplex metho; The smallest packaging; Web-based.

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