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I mean he didn't have a great spring training, but surprisingly they let him go bonus. Supported your new venture right up to the point where you exclude all normal folks and only offer to accredited whales ….

So we got a Stupid Guy Trading System to talk about today on sports talk. Philadelphia welcome. I'm joined by my once again on the panel by Aidan Tssss. I can never get it. You got the second time. Oh yeah.

Stupid Guy Trading System

It's like the hardest name. I'm really sorry and Shane Nolan joining us remotely Welcome Shane and we are talking Phillies baseball returning for April coming off a pretty disappointing pandemic season.

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Sixty games. They went twenty-eight and thirty-two fueled by that awful bullpen 7. The worst of all time Aidan give me your expectations for the team this year and and and what you expect to see from the Phillies. As you said it was a pandemic year.

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It was kind of weird Girardi First year team had a lot of expectations. I don't think they met what they wanted.

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However, Stupid Guy Trading System at this season, I am excited. I think that they'll win a lot of games as I said before I don't think they'll make the playoffs. We'll get into that a little bit, but I am really excited for this season and see what some of these guys can do, especially. Harper Yeah. I think it's a really exciting year even if the expectations maybe aren't playoff fueled.

Why don't you give me your expectations for the team. I also think they're gonna be a really good team. I mean we know what their offense can bring with Bryce Harper Reese Hoskins. Year so and the bullpen has gotten a lot better. Archie Bradley.

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They have Brandon Kinsler Jose Alvarado so they are definitely a better team this year. Yeah bringing in Dombrowski, you made a lot of big moves this off-season and I think they're really exceeded a lot of expectations for for Off-season moves and II do think they're gonna be very exciting. Why don't we go through lineup rotation in the bullpen?

Give me a grade for how you see each one and we'll start with you.

Stupid Guy Trading System

Phillies lineup. What do you?

Stupid Guy Trading System

To see and and give me a great. So I think the Phillies lineup is pretty good. They didn't necessarily add a lot of new pieces, but they resigned guys that they needed to did they resigned, which is really important.

He added. So I think that was really important. I gave him AB plus rating.

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I think that they're gonna be pretty solid. There's a few question marks that I have for this team. Andrew Mccutcheon left field.

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He's been injury prone since he's got the Phillies. He's a bit older and center field to. There's no clear starter for that so because of that the grade does go down a little bit, but I think they'll be pretty good. What about you and who do you see rolling out the opening day lineup like one to three starting lineup. You know what I mean starting lineup.

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Plus I mean last year they were one of the top five offenses. Baseball actually, but obviously because of the bullpen they didn't make the playoffs because of that. But since they have a better bullpen this year, I think their bullpen is AC plus, but because of their offense, I think that that's gonna be a lot better this year Stupid Guy Trading System who they brought back like Aiden said With DD and JT. Yeah, let's look at the rotation too. We got Aaron Nola. Zach Wheeler, Zach Effin, Matt Moore, who was over in Japan last season and Chase Anderson rounded Mul on nuud rikas what are your expectations for this starting lineup?

Or is it one of the better lineups in the league? This rotation is pretty solid. I gave them again same with the line of AB plus rating. I think that having Effin Nola and Wheeler as your first three makes it really good.

Stupid Guy Trading System

Obviously they need to be more consistent, especially Nola and Effin. I do have a lot of question marks about Matt Kauplemine Ice System and Chase Anderson. They both pitched well in the spring training, so I think they'll be pretty solid.

He was forty-nine. Andy was born to Bodo and Helen Lubenow in St.

It's definitely better than having Vince Velasquez. Cole Irvin, I mean there's we're just starting out guys from our AAA system that really aren't major league Stupid Guy Trading System so to now get that consistency in the back end.

What about you? What do you see IQ Option Trading Platform this rotation?

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I'll give the rotation AC plus right now because with Chase Anderson and Matt Moore, we don't know where we're gonna get out of them yet because well, Matt. Like you said pitching in Japan last year and I mean they had an okay spring training this year, but also with Nola. Stupid Guy Trading System mean he had an up and down year last year, so we have to see how he's gonna pitch this year.

Hopefully he can pitch like he did in Stupid Guy Trading System and then with Wheeler and Effin, they're definitely I think your two best starters right now.

Stupid Guy Trading System

So yeah and I think Aaron Nolan's. Wheeler are two really underrated guys in the league now don't get a lot of talk around the league, but there are two guys that you can rely on a pretty consistent basis.

Let's talk about the bullpen you already touched on a little bit Shane but I wanna get your take on this revamp bullpen.