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Castillo, P. It includes calcalkaline and K-rich andesites, tholeiitic basalts and basaltic andesites, alkalic basalts similar to many ocean island basalts OIBmagnesian and basaltic andesites with adakitic affinity bajaiitesadakites, and Nb-enriched basalts NEB. Here I propose an alternative model for the cause of post-subduction magmatism in Baja California in particular and origin of adakite-NEB rock association in general.

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The upwelling asthenosphere is best manifested east of the peninsula, beneath the Gulf of California, and is most probably due to a tear or window in the subducted slab there.

The upwelling asthenosphere is compositionally heterogeneous and sends materials westward into the mantle wedge beneath the peninsula.

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These materials provide sources for post-subduction tholeiitic and alkalic magmas. Portions of tholeiitic magmas directly erupted at the surface produce tholeiitic lavas, but some get ponded beneath the crust.

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A total of 11 patients F 9, M 2, age range y with lower-limb lymphedema classified into stage I to III were recruited. All the patients underwent surgical interventions within a week.

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The surgical approach includes the use of a linear marker for edema localization and indocyanine green ICG lymphography with a near-infrared surgical navigation system intra-operatively. Our aim is to utilize gene mapping and whole exome sequencing approaches to identify PACG-causing sequence variants in the Basset.

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Extensive clinical phenotyping of all pedigree members was conducted. SNP-chip genotyping was carried out in 9 affected and 15 unaffected pedigree members. The locus contains 12 Ensemble predicted canine genes and is syntenic to a region on chromosome 2 in the human genome.

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Using Stellaris kauplemissusteemid 2 0 analysis, a possibly damaging, non-synonymous variant in the gene Nebulin NEB was found to segregate with PACG which alters a phylogenetically conserved Lysine residue. Nebulin, a protein that promotes the contractile function of sarcomeres, was found to be prominently expressed in Stellaris kauplemissusteemid 2 0 ciliary muscles of the anterior segment.

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Our findings may provide insight into the molecular mechanisms that underlie PACG. The phenotypic similarities of disease presentation in dogs and humans may enable the translation of findings made in this study to patients with PACG.