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In the same way, he had also used the term that the W. The Government has lifted the Quantitative Restrictions much ahead of the schedule and failed to prevent the WTO-propelled integration of Indian agriculture and industry with the global market, which should be halted and rolled back, at any cost. As pointed out by Mr. One is, that the various States are temporarily given the right to produce medicines either by giving compulsory licences or by importing, when certain natural emergencies or epidemics are there. Ternary phase diagrams «.

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The occurrence of slag is a complex phenomenon depending on several factorssuch as ash properties, furnace operating conditions, and coal properties. The main objective of this work is to study theeffect of mineral components in Mae Moh lignite on ash fusion temperatures AFTs, which is commonly used as a keyindicator for slag formation tendency under pulverized combustion conditions.

Two Mae Moh lignites from the coal seamsplanned to be used in the future were selected for the study to represent low CaO and high CaO lignite. The two lignites,namely K1 and K3, have 3.

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The AFT characterization shows that their initial deformationtemperatures ITs were almost identical and considered as low for the typical flue gas temperature in the radiationsection of Mae Moh boilers, i. Maran for having taken a stand to fight for the cause of the country.

Doha was a difficult round of discussions.

SHRI H. As pointed out by Mr. Goenka, the capitalist and developed countries have exhibited their skill in protecting their interests, at the cost of the developing countries.

It is a well-known theory.

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And Shri Chavan has rightly pointed out that India is not in a position to come out of the WTO, and it is very difficult to persuade the developed countries to give a helping hand or a sort of encouragement to the developing countries. Though a programme of fundamental reforms, in the name of fair market, is there; the experience of mini-conferences that took place over the past 5 to 6 years, and the scenario of economic development and the problems faced by the farmers of this country, has shown that our agricultural produce is not getting a cost-based price.

Though we have discussed this issue many times in both the Houses of Parliament and in the State Assemblies, neither the the Central Government nor the State Government, has been able to safeguard the interests of our farmers.

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Now the main thing I am going to highlight is that the elite class of our country --when they are asked as to whether they are going to give subsidy to the farmers or not, they say, "we are already giving a lot of subsidy". Look at the indirect ways in which subsidy is being provided by the developed countries. That is why, our farmers are not in a position to compete in the world market.

The percentage is like that.


Besides, there are no proper inputs. In spite of all this, we are forcing them to compete with the world market. I will give you an example. About four years back, inthe price of a coconut was Rs. Keeping this in view, how can we make our farmers compete in the world market?

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How will they develop? Take another example.

Anuwat Luxsanayotin Full Text Available Slagging is one of major ash deposition problems experienced in the boilers of coal—fired power plants especially theplants that use lignite, like Mae Moh lignites. The occurrence of slag is a complex phenomenon depending on several factorssuch as ash properties, furnace operating conditions, and coal properties.

Duringthe price of manure was about Rs. So, on the one hand, the prices of agricultural inputs are going up; on the other hand, the markets are going down. And, our farmers are compelled to compete in the world market even under these circumstances. They will not be able to withstand this compeition and their condition will worsen further. At the Doha Conference, some new aspects, such as environment, labour laws and competitive markets, were highlighted.

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These are the new standards or theories that have been set up by the developed countries so that the development of the developed countries is curbed. Therefore, I urge upon the hon.

Minister of Commerce to safeguard the interests of our country, particularly, the farmers. Thank you.

Vice-Chairman, Sir, I thank you for having called me to speak on this issue. While discussing with the political parties, he had also expressed his views before the leaders of various political parties.

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In my case, I offered whole-hearted support to the stand taken by him, and I requested him to stick to that position. Of course, at that time, I was against it because it depends on several factors; whether you can stand till the last with the same position or not. Anyhow, he did his best, and I would like to congratulate him for having very effectively presented our case, argued our case and put up a fight up till the Green Room process started.

Murasoli Maran, in one of his articles, had written about the W. He had stated that the W. O is weighted in favour of the developed countries, and, at the same time, it very much adversely affects the developing countries. He had also stated in that article that 'the developing countries should make use of the earliest opportunity to amend the various clauses in the Marrakesh Agreement so that those clauses which are adverse to us may be amended.

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With their strong muscles, they will squeeze us; that danger is there. In the same way, he had also used the term that the W. I know that he is also of the opinion that the W. O functions in a very undemocratic manner.

The majority of the members of the W. All those things are there, and the Green Room is a notorious process. Sir, in that situation, we had put up a very strong case.

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But, unfortunately, the final result is not that satisfactory. Of course, he is not responsible for that, because the conditions are like this.

Она висела в воздухе в метре от земли и не походила ни на одного из встречавшихся ему прежде Оправившись от первоначального изумления, Элвин ощутил себя полным хозяином положения. Всю жизнь ему приходилось командовать машинами. То обстоятельство, что именно данная машина была ему незнакома, не казалось особенно важным - тем более, что он повидал от силы несколько процентов роботов, обеспечивавших в Диаспаре все обыденные потребности.

And also, it depends on the political will of the Government of India. For the international situation to be favourable, the developing countries will have to stand together, and our Government should also have the political will to take certain positions.

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Then only we can succeed. Sir, whether it is a success or not is to be looked at, not on the basis of some gains that we have got. Of course, some gains are there.

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One is, that the various States are temporarily given the right to produce medicines either by giving compulsory licences or by importing, when certain natural emergencies or epidemics are there. That much is a gain.

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But, there also, I would like to point that there is a time limit for this. Therefore, it will again become a problem in later days. This is one thing which I have to point out. Then, what are the positions that we took?