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This blog entry comments on a current court case, and there's Reverse Magic Trading System great chance, that the post in many of its parts does not contain fact-checked information I didn't start looking, so only assumed the veracity of the comments linked. This post also contains lots of speculation, commentary and criticism.

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Peters and his "Axanar". The brand owners could have waited him out to see his final product, and if the proprietors didn't like it, then they wouldn't have licensed it in the end; or they'd have claimed full or partial ownership per trademark laws or somesuch.

Nende varaste aegade kommunism ei olnud pelgalt teooria ega sotsiaalne doktriin, see oli lihtne ja praktiline automaatne kohanemine. Kommunism hoidis ära rahvamasside vaesumise ja puuduse; kerjamine ja prostitutsioon oli nende iidsete hõimude seas peaaegu tundmatud. The communism of these early times was not a mere theory or social doctrine; it was a simple and practical automatic adjustment.

Peters — per comments under the referred article — had collected a fair chunk of money using the Star Trek brand name in order to run a production.

Alternative universe In order to make mostly his work of fiction happen, Mr. Peters collected funds from the public using the "Star Trek" name per comments readwhich name was not his, and which was not licensed to him.

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For Mr. Peters, it would have legally IANAL been far more hassle-free [to have created to have tried to create] his own science fiction franchise and set up a funding drive. Roddenberry did it with his brainchild, and sold it to Desilu.

A recent example of space-based stories made into a successful sci-fi show is "The Expanse".

Some think, that the lawsuit was prompted from fears, that Mr. Peters could have made better stories. His supporters already believe in better stories as originating from Mr. If "Axanar" is indeed or turns out to be as bad as its detractors claim, then filing suit seems frivolous and really not worth the effort.

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Or that "Axanar" is so bad, that it had to be stopped in order to avoid it tarnishing the Star Trek brand. This can happen, and brand integrity is a thing.

As we are seeing already, "Star Trek: Discovery" seems to be in extended pre-production. Just so. I don't really rule out embarrassment as one of the drivers of the lawsuit, which could have been meant to shut down the production of "Axanar" just to eliminate competition that looked better. I mean, a large media company is sitting on Reverse Magic Trading System huge franchise, and there's no running tv production based on it, until some small outfit releases a trailer for something that looks and feels almost exactly what The Original Series used to look and feel like.

Неизвестно почему -- он во всяком случае, не мог бы сказать почему -- оно представлялось безжизненным и пустынным, как если бы нога человека не ступала здесь в течение многих и многих лет. Хилвар ответил на невысказанный вопрос Олвина: -- Когда-то эта часть Лиза была обитаема. Не знаю, почему ее оставили. Вполне допускаю, что, может быть, и снова наступит такой день, когда мы ее займем. А теперь здесь только животные и водятся.

Maybe this might have prompted the green-lighting of Discovery. The great divide. As it is, the lawsuit is not helping, because its presence divides the fans into two main camps that think the other is worse by every parameter imaginable. The ongoing court proceedings unintentionally serve as cause for antagonism from some fans towards the official creative side.

The camp supporting "Axanar" might think, that as CBS weren't doing anything at all with the franchise in the tv market, while the movie studio Autotraders U. churned out blasphemous material in violation of established dogma those fans whinging about "JJ-Trek", etc. The official side and the camp that supports that side — and certainly also the lawsuit — are now seen as anti-fan; and the official creators are now also regarded as the party ripping off, this time apparently from "Axanar" itself, as some commenters vehemently posited.

As far as I know, "Axanar" production was halted because of the court case.

Reverse Magic Trading System

Who wins? The real winners in this dispute would be all the other fresh sci-fi tv shows, notably "The Expanse", "The Man in the High Castle", and "Westworld".

Now, if only "Stargate Universe" were resurrected And Discovery? Well, I liked the new ship reveal, with a majestic vessel based on an earlier Ralph McQuarrie design, the strong music and the mysterious setting.

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And I have no idea, why do people find that design so digusting. Reverse Magic Trading System savagery of comments under the YouTube reveal clip resembled fat-shaming.