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Really cosy place to stay. International Journal of Chemical Geology Elsevier

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Session Chair. Sustainability through Resource Conservation and Recycling ' May, Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom.

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Organized by Minerals Engineering Journal. Session Chair 4.

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Organized by the University of British Columbia. Organized by the Mining Association of British Columbia.

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Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences Since 2. Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration Springer 2.

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Geosciences MDPI 4. The Extractive Industries and Society Elsevier 5. Journal of Materials Science Springer 6.

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Internationals Journal of Corporate Governance Emerald 7. Fuel Elsevier 9. Environmental Science and Pollution Research Springer International Journal of Chemical Solids Elsevier International Journal of Sustainable Mining Elsevier International Journal of Chemical Geology Elsevier International Journal of Coal Geology Elsevier International Journal of Minerals Engineering Elsevier International Journal of Ecological Engineering Elsevier Loodusteadused ja tehnika; 4.

Aqueous mineral carbonation of oil shale mine waste limestone : A feasibility study to develop a CO2 capture sorbent. Energy, DOI: Puthiya Veetil, S. Aqueous mineral carbonation of ultramafic material: a pre-requisite to integrate into mineral extraction and tailings VP Stock Options operation.


Environmental Science and Pollution Research. Tost, M. Carbon prices for meeting the Paris agreement and their impact on key metals.

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Veetil, S. Recent developments and challenges of aqueous mineral carbonation: a review. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology. Paat, A. The Extractive Industries and Society.

Very tasteful, every detail made with love, friendly stuff : Ugis This was a very beautiful interior, fancy. Old wooden house with even smaller details. Andris Läti We liked the design and set up of the apartment. The facilities and everything met our expectations.

Lesser, P. European mining and the social license to operate. The Extractive Industries and Society, Monei, N. Li, J. Direct aqueous carbonation on olivine at a CO2 partial pressure of 6.


Lytle, M. Miners VP Stock Options mendicants: A cautionary tale. Gonzalez, F. Our findings show that consumers perceive organi Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden Sukumar Vellakkal Full Text Available Lack of access to empirically-supported psychological treatments EPT that are contextually appropriate and feasible to deliver by non-specialist health workers referred to as 'counsellors' are major barrier for the treatment of mental health problems in resource poor countries.

This was implemented over three years in India. I fall in love with this apartment.

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  • The aim is to investigate how consumers perceive organic premium products and if they are willing to pay a price premium for these products.

You'll admire the stylish, exceptional design of this modern hotel, where every detail has carefully been considered. This place was done by a person of refined taste.


The natural light in the bathroom makes it marvellous. Really cosy place to stay.

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And we will come back here not once for sure. Sergei Eesti Definitely, the best place to stay in Valmiera!

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Elegance, style, comfort, and extraordinary guest pampering. An extremely welcoming environment and care letting you feel like at home.

Lena Läti Very beautiful new apartment. Our host Aiga was very helpful. We were offered free upgrade to bigger two-floor apartment.